October 2016

How to Organize a Wedding Party

Marriage is a very beautiful moment, a time that has been awaited by many couples. That’s because marriage is the beginning of a new life. Marriage also is an epitome of true love. Therefore, many people are already waiting for this time to come into their lives. Are you also waiting for that time? If [...]

HBS Executive Education for Established Executives

There are many business schools all around the world that solemnly focus on teaching their student all about business world and prepare them how to merge into this world and become a great businessman and businesswomen. Among so many business school all around the world, Harvard Business School or HBS is one of them. There [...]

Public Speaking Basic Mastering Tips

Public speaking might be on the top part of the list of things that people are afraid to do. There are a lot of things that people are worrying in public speaking such as forgetting several important lines, having a piece of paper hanging in your pants, and many others. People are basically afraid of [...]

Common Things on Men those Women are Attracted

There are a couple of things of men that women are easily attracted to. These things are like the most common criteria of men to be socially accepted by women. It can also be said that these things are what women want from men especially the men that they are love to be with. First [...]