Advantages of Having Pets

Many studies have shown that pet owners can increase life expectancy. This is supported by a variety of theories that can you believe it or not. However, Nancy Cressman, education manager of the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society, strongly believe that having a pet is very profitable.

“There is no doubt that older people benefit from having a pet”. Pets have many benefits – ranging from daily to accompany you to help keep you stay active – however, there are also several factors that must be considered before you consider bringing home a faithful companion to your home.

Health benefits of having pets has been widely studied and recognized. In April 2010, the AARP held a poll about pet ownership and maintenance of sports. As a result, three out of ten respondents said that they do more physical activity since having pets than ever before. Six out of ten admit that they do physical activity with the same intensity.

However, health-related benefits are not limited to physical activities. A study said that found that people with pets have heart rate and blood pressure levels were significantly lower in stressful situations than those who do not have pets or animals. Cressman explained that elderly people who have animal’s pets get various health benefits, such as stress reduction and friends who can help deal with grief and loss.

Cats and dogs are pets that are known to offer affection and unconditional love. It can help you, especially when you feel lonely or isolated. If someone has a dog, there is a good chance he had to take her out of the house every day. It can open social interaction with neighbors.

However, Cressman said any pet – be it a dog, cat, fish or bird – will provide good benefits compared to not have a pet at all. Have pets (especially dogs) at home can increase the sense of security within you. This is because these animals can act as an ‘alarm’ or an alarm if there is anything that threatens your safety around your neighborhood.

In addition to the costs incurred to purchase or adopt a pet, the cost of maintaining these animals can also be quite large. Depending on the chosen animal, maintenance costs have certainly included basic things such as the cost of food, equipment, care, and health.

Before deciding to adopt an animal, try to find out the costs required to care for the animal in your area. It’s important to consider whether you can afford to cover these costs coupled with unexpected expenses such as the cost of emergency vet if your pet falls ill.

Do you have time to look after animals? Imagine, caring animals such as dogs and cats could be considered as taking care of children. You need to take the time to take care of these animals like to play with or the streets, bathed him, gave him food and drink, shopping, food and vitamins, take him to the vet, train the animals, and others.

According to Cressman, looking for a pet that fits your lifestyle and be able to interact with people who are around you is essential. For example, if you live with a baby, make sure the animal is safe in children’s environments. Find out also about the breeds, temperaments, and pet care different to ensure that they match the level of activity and the space available in your home.

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