Affordable Exotic Destinations in the World

It is true that having a trip abroad in such exotic location is fun for some people. Unfortunately there would be a lot of money needed to do it that makes some people are not really be able to do it. Yet there are several places that still can be the solution for people who want to have an exotic vacation with just a limited budget. These several places might be worth to consider. They are easy to travel to with not so expensive cost as well.

First is Egypt.

It offers world’s famous monuments from very ancient times. It also has many hotels that are actually ready to be lived by tourists. Unfortunately the government itself is in a very much struggle to attract tourists to come it is the reason that Egypt has a relatively cheap cost if you travel there.

You will just have to pay between $3 to $14 to get in to the ancient temples or pyramids. Furthermore you will only have to pay $60 to get into a luxury double sized room along with breakfast in Luxor. Even the first class train from Cairo to Luxor will only cost you $17.

Second is Indonesia with its attractive diversities.

It is known that Indonesia is one of the most diverse destinations in the world. It consists of many small islands with even different characteristics on every major island. It might also be the best value destination on Earth. There are many areas with its nature beauty to travel with such as Bali and Yogyakarta.

You can get a double room with only $20 max in Yogyakarta. You will only have to pay $25 for a first class train from the capital Jakarta to Yogyakarta. There are a lot of services with cheap price such as motorcycle rentals, small ship cruise, relaxing massage, and many more.

Third is Mexico with a very low rate of the peso.

The low rate of the peso from the US $ makes it a very much affordable place to visit. Bet offer of this country would be on its beaches and also colonial sites. You could stay in a nice colonial accented hotel with only $75 at max. It even gives you a double breakfast along with non-stop Wi-Fi service. In order to travel around the country you could pay $6 to $8 for an hour service of the best deluxe bus.

Fourth is Honduras with its best offers is a nice scuba experience in Roatan Island.

This island is located next to the world’s second-longest coral reef. It also has the exotic tropical national parks along with rugged Moskito Coast to offer. One of the Mayan key sites in Americas which is the Copan is also available to visit here.

One best deal would be $600 for a week long diving lesson package with breakfast and room. Last is Guatemala with its exotic traditional villages of Mayan descendants. It has a beautiful Lake Atitlan as well to visit. You can also visit some of the Spanish Colonial Buildings or sites as well.

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