Apple TV Pros and Cons

Apple TV bring an ultimate entertainment to your home, and this is one main reason of why you should consider having this product instead of other means of entertainment. Nowadays, finding some recommendations for family’s entertainment is not difficult, because there have been many electronic products offer various entertainments.

However, you have to choose one that suits your family’s entertainment needs and your budget as well. When considering the above two factors, products from apple might not be the preferable choice because this manufacturer is well known for its expensive products.

Surprisingly, there is actually one product from Apple that is priced relatively lower than other products from Apple: the Apple TV. Here are a brief about this product, and the con and pro aspects to think about.

An Intro to Apple TV

Having an Apple TV as an entertainment center in your house is probably one of the best entertainment preference. Besides being a TV source, this electronic device offers other easiness to entertain you and your whole family members due to its features and technology.

Nowadays, you can actually find other TV products other than Apple TV. These TV source brands and models are principally the same: they bring some features of TV source, which connects you to various TV programs.

However, there are some slight differences amongst these TV source brands, especially on the features and overall quality. When it goes to quality, however, Apple’s product is surely the best choice around.

The Pros of Apple TV

Now let us move to the pro aspects you can enjoy from Apple TV. The first and main pro (attraction, that is) of this TV source is the fact that it is a sleek Apple TV with 1080p HD. This is the only thing you need to have the best entertainment on your widescreen LCD or LED TV.

Second, Apple TV will connect you to various classic and current movies, as well as TV shows on iTunes without much difficulty; and still, the best part is that all of these entertainments come in 1080p High-Definition.

If you are a big fan of entertainment from the cyber world, here is the third con: it allows you to access various contents from YouTube, NetFlix, and other online sources.

There are various brands of TV source around, but Apple TV is somehow different because it allows you to do various entertainment activities. With this product, you can show off photos, play videos (the standard ability), and also enjoy some music from your player devices (Apple’s music device, that is); this is the next pro you can enjoy from this product.

Sometimes, you want to watch the latest TV show and movies. With Apple TV, these two tasks are something possible as you can purchase various movies you like from Apple’s iCloud music. This Apple’s service, anyway, can also store photos and display it to all of your Apple’s devices.

Some key features equipped inside this Apple TV are including the service to allow you buying commercial-free HD TV shows (more than 90,000 TV episodes), stream from the Netflix’s movie catalogs and TV shows (although subscription is needed later), to browse and play videos from Youtube and online sources.

Now let us jump to the technical details of Apple TV. This product comes with Wi-Fi device wireless network, and it is powered with Apple’s single core A5 chips and some connectivity ports as USB ports and HDMI. If you are a busy person who has no time shopping for this product, you had better purchase this Apple TV in Amazon or other reputable retailers.

Learn the Cons Carried by Apple TV

There are more pros Apple TV has, which are dealing with the features and technologies it comes with. Regardless of these pro aspects, there are some few cons you will probably find when using this product. According to some online sources, the AirPlay is only available on all devices that are running iOS 4.3 or later; hence, you cannot actually enjoy this feature unless you use an Apple’s product with such operating system.

Besides, some features on Apple TV require the latest software. In other words, you have to make sure that your electronic device comes with the above specifications if you want to enjoy all features in this Apple’s TV.

The aforementioned online sources mentioned at least six points buyers should know, because they are dealing with what features might not work when they do not have any Apple’s product. And this is a small obstacle when using Apple TV at home, without an Apple’s product: you will not be able to enjoy the maximize features this TV has, with such limited budget.

Although this apple TV is offered at relatively lower price tag, you have to own some Apple’s devices (which are mostly expensive) and purchase the contents from Apple’s stores.

Besides, you have to own either LCD or LED TV, which is also mostly expensive. Luckily, due to the best deal and special offers, online retailers are the best places to shop for this Apple TV.

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