Arts = Healthy?

Arts have been existing around human being for thousands of years. Along with its development, people try to find the beauty and meaning of life through painting, music, poetry and any kinds of arts. But now, scientists are finding a startling fact related to the arts.

It brings benefits to your health, both mentally and physically. Current research showed that human’s body sends a very good respond when they are exposed to the arts. The other research showed a similar result when human’s body is involved in a creative process. Scientists are now investigating the benefits of arts to recovery.

Many researchers have the same view that arts come to offer hundreds of advantages for human being. Related to the hypothesis, numbers of studies are conducted to observe the effect of arts toward human’s body, especially to help recover from diseases, psychological trauma, stress and anxiety.

Some studies showed that music, for instance, has great benefits for human being. Music is the most popular art throughout the world. It probably is the first art we knew since we’re in womb. Based on the research, singing releases natural substances that act as brain’s natural pain-killers as well as increase bonding hormone.

Music is usually used for enjoyment and relaxation. Those who want to change mood can take advantages from music, too. On the other hand, music can also be used to relieve stress and it has been considered as an effective therapy for last decades.

Music therapy is sometimes found in the clinic with the certified therapist required. It shows that music therapy can increase the numbers of important brain chemicals that convey signals between cells after 4 weeks of therapy. It is also reported that listening to the music helps memory and focused attention recovery as well as reduce confusion.

Besides of music therapy, scientists are working on how art therapy improves the quality of human’s life by reducing psychological trauma and stress. In the brain, traumatic memories are stored as images instead of words. Art therapy can access these memories and ease the trauma.

When you draw the images, you can make words to describe them. It helps you externalize the trauma and move it out. Once the patient does a positive exchange with the therapist, it really helps them to heal from the trauma. Also, art therapy can help improve the speech ability of children with cerebral palsy.

And how about writing? An art of writing lies in expressing your thought, writing your deepest feeling and pushing out your emotion. Writing about emotional upheavals helps improve mental and physical health. Studies showed that students who did expressive writing had more positive moods and better immune-system function.

Another research showed that expressive writing can lower depression symptoms. In a nut shell, it is obvious that the arts help promote the quality of life. However, you should remember that arts are not a substitute for medication. But if you want to have a better living, take the arts with you.

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