Beautiful American West Purses

Do you want to add some more collections towards your beautiful purses? Well, if you have had lots of designer bags, trying some western fashion will not be a bad choice for you can change your style so that you will not get bored. If you do so, try considering American west purses as they will give you the cowgirl fashion that you want.

American West was founded in 1986 with a mission to explore a new frontier in fashion — to create a luxury line of handbags inspired by the glory of the wild, Wild West. Their classic designs are specialized in leather goods, hand-tooled by skilled craftsmen; that’s why although it may not seem so urban, but actually it also holds a definite fashion style. American west purses also blend beauty and practicality into a unique design conveying a style all its own.

The example of beautiful American West purses is Women’s Eagle Heart Tote – Charcoal Brown/Crimson. This beautiful western tote has zipper compartment and two pouches inside in which your belongings will be save due to its zip-top bucket tote, and completed with back slip pocket.

The beauty of this American West purse is gotten from the hand tooled vegetable tanned distressed crimson leather, tooled front and back, and trimmed in hand tooled distressed charcoal brown leather. Priced around $205.95, this American West purse is also hand trimmed in cream chrome leather, and accented with an intricate eagle cut out and top stitch design which features a silver signature keepsake and includes a protective storage bag.

Another example of American West purses is Women’s Harvest Moon Sip-Top Shoulder Bag. This shoulder bag will be suitable for you who would love to put your things in different pockets for it has front open pocket, a zipper compartment, and two inside pouches. To make you more comfortable, it also features adjustable shoulder strap.

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