Blog Monetization with Easy Method

If you are not confidence with your previous job, and want to look for a new job or just side job, of course you can do it at your home; of course it can spend your time to living together with your family. So many people were success because of internet, and they have shared their experience to other people. Actually, is nothing something difficult if you want to do.

Why internet? Internet or international networking is one of the easiest ways to get money. Most of people in the world are known about internet. If you would like to get money from internet, blogging is one of the best ways to get that. Some reason of people to create a blog, such as they would like to communicate with other people, because with using blog you can share and care your experience and take a look other experience from other people.

It can also help you to get news, and of course you will add a new friend from a different region or even different country. The second reason is would like to get money or most common famous as “Blog Monetization”

Many ways to add income for you by using blog and every people have differently strategic to get that. The most important thing is, if you already have a blog, you should create your blog as interest as you can and it can attract the attention of readers, fill your blog with something valuable and can give advantage for other people.

Many people in there have already success and has good experience, you can teach from them, and open their blog regularly, of course it can be as a good reference for your, there is the way how to manage blog marketing, how to create interest blog, how to give a good service for your customer, and many more. Everything you can do with your blog while it is something positive and has an effort for you and other people.

There are ways how to blog monetization method with simple way:

1. Advertising

Advertising is the most popular from monetization blog, although it is the lowest denominator. With using advertising, you can add your creation how to make your ads interest and can attract the visitors. You can add some ads banners on your blog to start income; the example of the screenshot is Google AdSense.

There is something important you will have seen many times before. Actually, advertising is easy, but the problem is, so many visitors just traffic to your site, and the income per visitor is very low. Therefore, you need a struggle to create advertising perfectly. There is the other option if you have not more monetization strategy, because, in fact, you need add more things on your blog, not the ads only if you want to get high income.

2. Affiliate Marketing

There is also the best way to add income for you; affiliate marketing will create real money from your blog. If you have to know about affiliate marketing, there is the simple act to promote the other people service or product, and you will get a commission when the sale was completed.

There is something popular among bloggers, and you can combine it with advertising to add much more income. Something important is; you should notify your readers that you are promoting the affiliate products. Actually, it is more difficult that promotes yourself, pays attention with the development of this product and always updates the new product.

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