Breast Cancer: Recognize and Avoid Early

Breast cancer continue rising as the scourge of women in the world. Figures for cases that occur annually continue to grow. According to data from World Health Organization, as quoted from their site, there are currently around one million cases of breast cancer per year.

Unfortunately, not many women are aware of and running early detection as breast cancer prevention efforts. In general, cancer patients come to doctor after they are at an advanced stage.

Medical experts suggest that the earlier know of the existence of the cancer, patients have an opportunity of better quality of life through proper medical treatment. For this reason, there are a few tips to detect and support your breast health.

Early detection of breast lumps

You can start with regular breast self-examination since the age of 20 years. This examination can be done by raising your left hand up, then touch the left breast with your right hand by rotating, centrifugal, or centripetal. Do it alternately with the right.

If you found a lump that remains outside the period before menstruation, you immediately consult a doctor to get a clinical examination. For those who are already over 35 years old, it is advisable to perform mammography test. The test will succeed if breast cancer is already happening with a certain size.

Beware of women with high risk factors

Although the causes of this cancer has not been found, high-risk factors can occur in women over 40 years old and had no children, or those who have children over 35 years old, menstruating at an early age, and late menopause. Furthermore, this risk can also happen to women who do not breastfeed, get a hormonal drug for a long time, and have a family history of breast cancer patients.

Do healthy lifestyles

You should eat healthy food regularly, consume more vegetables and fruits, and avoid excessive fat consumption. You can also apply other healthy lifestyles such as do not smoking, avoiding excessive caffeine and alcohol intake, and drinking more.

Do exercise regularly

You must exercise regularly and do not forget to wear comfortable sports clothes, especially a sports bra that supports these activities. You do not do exercise and outdoor activities during the heat of excessive sunlight, because over time it will damage your skin’s elasticity.

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