Planning Ideas for Building Home Sweet Home

Want to build a nice house, attractive, and comfortable with a low cost, how? There are so many ways that is offered in this modern era. Many people who have difficulty obtaining their dream home because of financial problems tripping.

It is experienced by much middle-class economy and a newly married young couple. Lately, many companies offer housing developers at a cheap price. But careful – careful in choosing a home that seem good at a low price because many houses are cheap because its construction was minimal.

To have a dream house that is inexpensive but still attractive and comfortable there are many ways. Be able to buy a second home at a low price and then renovate it. You can beautify it by adding profiles such as lists, natural stone, and iridescence.

This way you can have an attractive and comfortable home with a cheaper price, you can even sell it at a price higher than the purchase price + renovation (if you are intending to sell it back). Or to build your own dream home, in this way you can customize the layout and style of your own liking.

If you intend to build your own home that is safe, convenient, and economical/cheap, here are some tips from me:

1. The Design Plan.

Layout is very influential on the cost of construction. If you want to create an economical house plans should consider the needs of the desired space and set it so that it optimally according to the function room, this can be done by combining two or more rooms which may, for example combines the family room and living room, dining room and kitchen combine, or incorporate a dining room, kitchen and family room.

2. Planning Structure.

Planning the structure is very influential on the cost of construction. Plan the depth and width of the foundation as needed, if you wake up the land that will have a hard soil structure so you do not need to create a foundation that is too deep or wide (Foundation House Live). Planning hats canopy or concrete, if not too long spans console you can use wire mesh (wire netting), do not need to use steel reinforcement.

3. Selection of Materials.

The choice of material must be careful if you want to have a home that is cheap but still safe and attractive, choose a material that is cheap but safe. Suppose that in choosing a timber, look for local timber has a powerful class of good wood. In determining the type of frame you also need to consider your needs.

4. Roof Covers Material Selection.

You can use asbestos as alternative roof coverings. The use of asbestos can save construction costs because you can save wood material used. If asbestos is seen as less interesting views you can play the gutter walls, sloping roof slope of Use and raise the walls to cover asbestos.

5. Fence.

If you want a cheap and attractive fence that you try to use a masonry games and rosters. You can play a face profile or a combination of natural stone; can also be combined with a bit of trellis fence roster size. The fence is made from much cheaper than the trellis fence which tends expensive price per meter.

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