What Is Patent Copyright?

Patent is a right that has existed since the XIV and XV century, for example, country Italy and English. The nature of the granting of this at the time it is for the founded creation but preferred to draw experts from abroad with the intention that the experts settled in the countries invited so that [...]

Be Smart in Home Based Business

Business is not easy and it is not difficult too. Business will give successful result if you are able to handle it well. Everyone could be businessmen or businesswomen by starting from small thing only. Even, you can build this business at home. Launching business at home could be more efficient than you have a [...]

Website Custom Management with Gravityform

It is not an easy task for you if you want to create a private website. If you want to create a private website, you need to find website hosting supply first. After that, you need to send a form that will help you in making a private website. You need to do many things [...]

Strengthen Branding with Logo and Slogan

Let us continue our discussion about branding. As I explained before, blog is one of media that we can use it in creating branding to ourselves or personal branding. However, you should not take it wrong since branding itself is not limited to be bonded personally to someone who runs an internet business, but branding [...]

Instant Branding with Forum

From the title, it is clear that we will talk about instant personal branding by means of media forum. Why we use forum? Why we do not use others such as blog, social media, mini-site, or micro-blogging? You will find the answer below. If you see it carefully, you will see the advantage of media [...]

Branding for Internet Businessmen

Unless if you are indeed do not run an internet business which does not have direct correlation with people such as you run a paid to click (PTC), forex, paid review, and other similar business, branding would be one important element that you must able to build it in the internet. Besides working as an [...]

4 Reasons Why Needs to Have Blog

Before we go further, I need to make it clear that what I mean with blog is personal blog of the businessmen her or his own. The blog we will discuss is not monetized blog or anything made in order to make money. The examples are blog owned by John Chow, Yaro Starak, and Daren [...]

6 Reasons Why Internet Businessmen Fail

There are many newbies who fail to get success in internet business than those who get success in the same field. And such fact is not a taboo that shouldn’t be discussed. If we count if using pareto principal, then we knew that only 20% of internet business enthusiast who successfully passed the beginning phase. [...]

5 Levels of Internet Businessmen

So far we’ve already spoke of the problem of mindset. This wee I’m going to focus on the concept. Why the matter? Because both the concept and the mindset are important and connect each other. Therefore, internet businessmen need a balanced understanding on both of the subjects, particularly for newbies like us. We should begin [...]

This is Business

Who ever felt upset/angry/resentful/irritated (choose on that suits your actual feeling) with the owner of internet business service, or the owner of given digital product, or actually you feel angry with other business owners? Would you show me your hand and the anger afterwards? Don’t be shy, because I was the one who feel the [...]

Internet Business Players

One of my favorite games was chess. Now? Well, still the same, but I rarely play it. Funny, it is not so very challenging to play chess against computer. One of the reasons why I love to play such a game that was firstly invented in 6th century in India is my admiration over sixth [...]

Multiple Streams of Income – Part 3

Finally we have arrived in the end of article series, Multiple Stream of Income. In order to avoid confusion, it is better to read the first and second parts of the article that have been posted before. A little recap, in the first part there was a little image of the concept in multiple streams [...]