Health and Fitness for Life Longer

Everybody wants to live longer. There is most essential thing that enables them to live longer that is by trying to keep healthy. Commonly people keep doing their bad habit without considering their health. Bad habits that people usually do are smoking, nighttime snack, eating junk food, drinking alcohol, etc. Even, many people forces themselves [...]

Why Eating Fruits for Breakfast is Good for You

We all know the delight of eating pancake and drinking coffee for breakfast, or quickie like cereal and milk, but have you think about what breakfast do our body really need? Sure, some expert said that breakfast should contains protein, that’s why people eats sausage and scramble egg. Then another scientific study said fiber and [...]

Keeping Cancer at Bay? Here Are the Ways

Cancer is a severe illness that becomes the most dangerous killer in the world. Many people throughout the world died due to cancer. Did you know that some simple things can keep you away from cancer? Preventing cancer is much easier than treating. With a few lifestyle changes, you can reduce the risk of many [...]

Advantages of Swimming

Health and fitness is very important for your body. That’s because the body healthy and fit, you can live your activities each day to the fullest. To make your body healthy, you can start by eating healthy and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. In addition to fruits and vegetables, health and fitness to [...]

Arts = Healthy?

Arts have been existing around human being for thousands of years. Along with its development, people try to find the beauty and meaning of life through painting, music, poetry and any kinds of arts. But now, scientists are finding a startling fact related to the arts. It brings benefits to your health, both mentally and [...]

Breast Cancer: Recognize and Avoid Early

Breast cancer continue rising as the scourge of women in the world. Figures for cases that occur annually continue to grow. According to data from World Health Organization, as quoted from their site, there are currently around one million cases of breast cancer per year. Unfortunately, not many women are aware of and running early [...]