Why Eating Fruits for Breakfast is Good for You

We all know the delight of eating pancake and drinking coffee for breakfast, or quickie like cereal and milk, but have you think about what breakfast do our body really need? Sure, some expert said that breakfast should contains protein, that’s why people eats sausage and scramble egg.

Then another scientific study said fiber and carbohydrates are good for breakfast so you turn to high-fiber cereals and pancake or toast bread instead. Eating fruits as your breakfast might be new and many people and experts are disagreeing with the new fact.

Apparently, morning time around 7-11 am is the best time for body to do detoxification. When we were sleeping, our body is not fully resting. The digestive system of the body is working at least 75% percent of the night.

That is why in the morning, all the body wants to do is to throw away all the garbage it produces the night before. So instead of giving the digest system another hard work by eating fiber and carbohydrates, we should give it something light, full of vitamin, easy to digest and support the cleansing process: fruits.

Logically, fruits seem to fulfill the quality of good food intake when you already know what is your body doing for you. The fiber that fruits have can help your organs to cleanse, so when you get the urge of defecate, that is the sign that you are throwing all of your body’s “garbage” or unwanted items.

Some people are afraid to turn to fruits for their breakfast because they think to go to the bathroom after eating is not normal. But when you understand that what you are throwing away is what your body produces from the night before, you’ll know that the fruits are just helping to let it out.

Fruits contain limitless vitamins that are absolutely useful for you. Since any kind of fruits are good for breakfast, you can mix 3 to 4 fruits in the same time. Remember that the fruits you eat should always be fresh and perfectly ripe.

Some fruits like bananas and avocados even have carbohydrates in it so you don’t need to be afraid that you’ll lose energy by eating only fruits in the morning. Note that fruits have fructose, sugar that is produced by fruits, that is easy to digest but still give you the right amount of energy.

Get the best of your detoxification process in the morning by eating fruits. If you are afraid to get stomachache, try drink warm water before you eat the fruits. Most trouble in eating fruits as breakfast is finding ripe fruits every day. Do not eat the fruits that aren’t ripe yet to avoid stomachache and not getting the right amount of fructose and vitamins. Fruits gain its maximum vitamins when they are ripe.

You can eat your fruits in whole or make a fresh fruits smoothies. Adding milk or yoghurt is not advisable since it will disturb the fruits’ work. For starter, you might start with chopped apple and avocado with orange juice as drink. That combination will get you enough fructose, vitamins and thus energy to start your day.

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