4 Education for Internet Businessmen

Is this a joke? They said that internet business could be done by anybody no matter what their level of education or the education field that they mastered. How come that there are four education fields that need to be mastered?

Well, I don’t know about other internet businessmen, but my experience for years in this internet business world has brought me to a conclusion that there are several education fields that are quite significant in order to support the success of the internet business that we run, no matter which type of internet business it is. Did you want to know those four education fields?

1. IT/Information Technology

It’s including anything that related to internet and computer, both theoretically and technically. The IT science will be very useful and could support you in running your internet business properly. For example, the knowledge about how server hosting works, how to use e-mail, and etcetera.

You don’t need to know the detail of these things theoretically such as be able to explained the details of hosting (even I couldn’t explain it properly about this technical issue), but at least you know the big picture about hosting and know how it works. The lack of knowledge in IT field usually will obstruct the process of your internet business.

If the problem that occurred is quite difficult, it would be very common. But if the problem is caused by simple issues but it looks more difficult due to your lack of knowledge this will waste your time. For this education field the main key is to practice frequently and ask questions as much as possible. Buying technical guidance textbook is good as long as you do your own practice.

2. Management

Even though you could find various types of management – business management, work management, self management, capital management, time management, and etcetera – but the core of management is always the same. And as seen on the examples that I mentioned above, I’m sure that most of you will be agree that management is a quite essential knowledge to be mastered since it relates closely with the forming of smart work platform system.

3. Business and Marketing

Although most of the books about those three knowledge I mentioned above (I put them in one point deliberately since they all have common similarities) are focused on the cases that occur in the offline world, but actually there are many lessons that we could get and applied in the online world, as long as we pay attention to the details.

And the fact is that there are so many marketing methods, whether it’s a blog or product, that I applied based on the books about offline business and marketing. After all, business is business, right? Whether you do it offline or online it would still be called business.

4. Psychology

How to do the marketing which is different from the way it commonly done? The key lays in psychology science. But since I couldn’t stay for long reading the books with many writings, I learn about psychology more from stimulating the characteristics of seller and customers into myself. The characteristics of visitors and customers are also could become the useful input for me.

For example, why there is no cash back guarantee? Because psychologically the statement shows that I as the producer is believe and confident about the products I created. There are no many people that could understand it for sure (some people think that no guarantee as a form of irresponsible seller), but any digital products that we bought wouldn’t work properly if we don’t have trust for the product and its creator.

What do you think?

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