Top Performance Gaming Graphic Cards of Today

In the world of PC gaming there are always competitions between several brands to deliver the best products to accommodate the needs of gamers worldwide. It is known that the rivalry between Intel and AMD in the field of processors for PC has been for centuries.

For the last couple of years Intel has dominated the processors market clearly. On the other hand there is also an intense competition between AMD and Nvidia in the field of the gaming graphic cards. It has been a very close competition with most likely the top spot is changing all the times.

The latest released product by AMD is the AMD Radeon R9 290X while the one from Nvidia which has been released previously is the GTX 780. As a matter of fact this Radeon R9 290X is merely launched or released to deal with the previously released GTX 780 from Nvidia. The competition is always like that from a long time ago.

Once AMD released a new product then Nvidia will released another product to settle the score and vice versa. This new product of the AMD has a price and performance value at its best. It has $549 of the price with the performance is at the top level compared to other AMD products such as HD 7790 which was the previous top performer from AMD.

It also has a better performance compared to the Nvidia GTX 780 and also GTX770. It is said that there would be a massive price war between these three series in the market. In many benchmarks using several games, this Radeon R90290X is actually not so powerful compared to the GTX 780 but it has a better price which makes it better choice for gamers with a bit of tight budget.

On the other hand with the release of the AMD Radeon R9 290X, Nvidia has just released another now weapon to deal with it. The new Nvidia GTX 780TI is the newly modified version of the GTX 780. It is currently on the top spot of the fastest gaming graphic cards in the world. Although it is just a modified version of the GTX 780, it has major change that affect the clock speed of the card.

The high performance of this new graphic card from Nvidia is also accompanied by its high price which is around $950. Some people said that the price is not really reasonable anymore yet some others believe that the price is fair. In the benchmarking tests with several testing software and also games this new GTX 780 TI has been on top spot compared to any other product either form AMD or Nvidia itself. It defeats the Radeon R9 290X, Nvidia GTX Titan, and also Radeon R9 290.

With the presence of the Nvidia GTX 780 TI as the top performer of gaming graphic card from Nvidia it is interesting to wait for the nest weapon of AMD sooner or later to be released. One thing for sure is that AMD will not lay low for a long time knowing that its competitor Nvidia has claimed the top spot of the best gaming graphic card in the world.

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