Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch

Your Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch is the very first GPS in which the Garmin has produced pertaining to golf players under its own brand. Garmin makes golf GPS models with regard to various others golf brands makes before similar to GolfLogix.

The Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch is certainly one tough unit. It can be created to consider the neglect who use for the course presents whilst on going. Amaze rainwater shower – no issue. It really is water-proof which means you don’t have to operate for the cart to shield that.

Ordered my Garmin Golf Watch after looking at the particular reviews’ the following and felt obligated to add to them. My order was delivered sooner than the exterior appraisal I became offered with regard to Federal Express/UPS, which was convenient since I have were built with a round established and got to utilize it sooner than expected.

Juicing up does try taking some finagling, consequently make sure you see the charging image after get together. Mentioned previously throughout additional reviews, terminated it up in the training course and it decided on the right choice immediately.

Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch Reviews

The benefit associated with helpful details being offered on the flip in the wrist would be an actual enjoyment. The game of golf as being a bet on self confidence, your method does its component along with gets rid of hesitation, a big part of swinging unhampered. Definitely suggest this device received with the third party dealer by simply Amazon online marketplace.

This kind of golf GPS is touch screen, and that I found it very easy to work with. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t even bother reading the particular Approach G5 guidelines in which came in the box, such as the many people I assume! On the other hand don’t must, which is the beauty of the particular the Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch.

It is simple to use, and involves pressing the actual screen in which you need to measure photo distances back and forth from. The info says actually accurately so I am not really speculating how long my personal shots need to go any more and also we’ve began to utilize golf clubs. Some genuinely utilize before because I’m able to choose shots tons much better.

The key feature of Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch

  1. High sensitivity GPS receiver.
  2. Lock in yardages: S1 provides precise yardage to the front, back and middle of the green with one quick glance.
  3. Measures shot distance: Calculates precise yardage for shots played from anywhere on the course.
  4. No downloads, no subscriptions: S1 is packed with thousands of courses and is ready to use out of the box.
  5. Rugged waterproof design: Slim and lightweight, S1 is designed to take the rigors of the course.
  6. Easy-to-use everyday watch: S1 is designed for use as an every day watch featuring an alarm, and automatic time zone recognition.
  7. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 3 weeks in watch mode, up to 8 hours in GPS mode.
  8. USB interface.
  9. Conforms to USGA/R&A rules.
  10. Waterproof up to 1m (IPX7).

Approach S1 could have you outbound throughout as being an expert through providing yardages on the front, back and core green. The sunlight readable screen features large numbering for at-a-glance awareness. S1 in addition actions accurate yardages regarding shots played everywhere you look about the study course.

As well as for the ones that want to wander, there’s your S1 odometer to tell you the way significantly an individual visited – about the course, or perhaps off.

Another helpful feature could be the range reader, for you to evaluate your own shot long distance. I think this can be probably the most beneficial capabilities upon any navigation device.

Calculating your current shots lets you acquire real-time feedback about how significantly you might be smacking each and every club in that particular day, that makes getting the way of measuring from the up coming shots more valuable. This gadget also has a digital pedometer feature that I haven’t yet used, since I have normally ride a cart during the round.

The battery charger is kind of a pain. It clips onto the watch, and with mine you have to jigger it to get it to start charging. It is not that I am not getting the leads in the right place — that is easy to see. You have to wiggle it to get the charging bars to start. The charger definitely needs improvement, or I got a bad charger.

Also, the battery charge life is not great. I played 36 holes the other day, and it did not finish the day. I don’t often play 36 so it is not a big deal, but be aware that it is really just a one round charge.

But I still love it. It is comfortable to wear, very easy to read, and fun to show off to other players. I would still buy it given what I know now.

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