Get Money with Blog, Facebook and Twitter

Internet marketing or online business currently has mushroomed in the middle of the low cost internet access and computer equipment prices. From this year, it is ultimately makes the need for everything to be all-online, how dong to continue to make the blog as a source of income on the internet. I write what I know and easy just below on how to get money from a free account such blog, facebook and twitter.

For blog, first, you can become a publisher, by creating a blog containing articles that many internet users are looking to make our blog crowded visited by many information seekers, then with so we can register providers of PPC advertising (Pay per Click) and if we qualify blog will get approved from a PPC ad provider.

So with that we will be able to put up an ad and we will get paid on every click on our blog page. Example PPC ad provider: Google ads, Chitika, Clicksor and more. Second, advertising self, when we crowded the blog itself there will be other bloggers interested to put up a banner on our blog with a monthly rent. Due to the large number of visitors will make other bloggers banner ads can also be recognized by visitors to our blog.

Third, selling product, there are a lot of online business training that directs how to utilize a free blog to display and market their products for sale. If the first blog is only used for writing on the internet, it’s been a shift by utilizing the blog into an online store to display products either goods or services on the internet.

Well, suppose as an example for those who already have a blog, try to take advantage of social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook to market your product/service. Tools micro-blogging site Twitter, for example, allows you to send 140 character messages to all your followers. Although only 140 characters, do not be surprised if the information can quickly spread on Twitter.

Here are some advantages to wear Twitter for your online business; you can monitor customer comments about your products and quickly respond to it, make it easy for you to communicate directly with customers, you can offer special discounts exclusive to your followers, try to selectively search for the user that is consistent with your target market, do not just take advantage and only market your products, but try to share useful information that is relevant.

Similar to Twitter, Facebook is also good choice to promote your product/service. How? you can post the information your business blog on your Facebook wall, combine Facebook with other social media tools such as Twitter.

For example, if someone asked on twitter, you can respond in detail through her last blog post the link from Facebook. Give your product by posting the discount info on Facebook, occasionally try to share the survey or relevant research data to gain more confidence, use Facebook connect on your blog.

So the latest update, the info can be instantly shared to Facebook, create fan page specifically for your product. Here you can explore thoroughly and direct dialogue with customers and prospective customers, and update your fan page regularly with useful info-and respond any inquiries from customers.

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