World’s Greatest Advances in Auto Technology

Auto technology has been moving so fast with some great innovations and advances to lead into a better life. The new technologies are meant to give convenience as well as safety to the users. While some innovations are made to be ordinary, some great advances are made to bring the technology into the next level.

Most of them are in the realm of safety and some others come as convenience. The sophisticated technology offered by auto world includes rear-mounted radar, night vision with pedestrian detection, parental control and many more. The technologies are now extraordinary but it will be mainstream soon.

Rear-mounted radar is a helpful technology to release you from a stressful experience of parking vehicle as well as riding your car in crowded road. Some people think that parking their vehicle is extremely challenging, especially in a small and busy parking space. Actually, rear-pointing radar has been invented for few years and many vehicles already have it.

It alerts the drivers to unseen object behind vehicles like wall, fence or tree. The new technology alerts the drivers to the approaching traffic. When the radar detects traffic approaching, it sounds an alarm. Some vehicles include outboard mirror as alarm indicators.

Night vision with pedestrian detection is another great advance auto technology has ever made. It is an incredible innovation to allow the driver get better vision in the dark. Though the technology was introduced in 2000, it remains a remarkable innovation in automobile. There are several versions of night vision technology.

Some vehicles offer system that pinpoints the pedestrians and highlights them on dashboard display. Another version offers pedestrian identifier that shows which direction the pedestrian is moving. When the pedestrian comes closer to the vehicle, the night vision monitor and head-up display in the windshield will show a warning.

Parental control might be the best technology for parents who are afraid of their teen who might speed the car or lose focus due to excessive volume of audio. Parental control technology allows parents to take control of the vehicle like limiting the speed and volume.

As being developed by Ford, the parental control or known as MyKey limits the speed to 80 miles per hour. When programmed, MyKey can also limit the audio volume and sound the alarm if the seat belts are unfastened. Overall, this technology allows the driver to drive the vehicles safely and in good manner.

Driver capability can be the best system to reduce the number of accidents due to overly tired, impaired and misbehavior. Though the technology is not yet perfect, Mercedes Benz is the pioneer to bring us to the great advance. It is Attention Assist, the system that remembers driver’s normal behavior while driving and establish the condition as driver’s profile.

By measuring several factors such as speed, acceleration, steering wheel angle and many more, Attention Assist system determines if there is any deviation from driver’s baseline. If the Attention Assist system detects any deviation, it alerts the driver audibly and visually.

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