Hacked Emails: Personal or Business Purpose?

Emails are necessary in today’s era. And since the beginning of the introduction of emails there has been hacking attempt that is also improving with the advancing email technology. When common people got their email hacked, what is the first thing comes to mind? It’s the reason why the hacker did it. While some people liked to think that it is personal, it apparently full with business reasons.

Your hacked email account can be used for profitable uses which the hacker aims. Most hacker uses it to send spam, in which perhaps containing external links to malware, virus or fraudulent selling. You know when sometimes you receive an email from real people’s name with real account and asking you to join them in some movement or work collaboration? One of those emails might have been the emails which the hackers took from the real account owner.

There is a lot of use of your hacked emails. Sending spam’s about selling offers is the lowest level of the hacked email use. The next step is in which the hacker locks out the real user from their own files and would give it unless they pay money to the hacker. It’s like the new kind of tech-savvy black mailer. Most of the hackers are smart enough to know that you may link your credit card or any financial elements account in your emails. The more advanced hacker even knows how much money you are dealing with your email and bank account.

Change the Way You Make and Keep Your Password

There are many option of password keeper service for you such as LastPass, Dash lane or 1Password that will store your password of multiple accounts for you. And not just that, those password keeper services also will give you password alternative that has high safety. The safest kind of password is the one that is not forming a word and includes capital letter and numbers in it. Sure it will be hard for you to remember when you have random password; but these services will help you to keep it for you.

Or the easiest thing is to change some of the letter with numbers. You can substitute the “a” in your password with 4, “i” with 1, “o” with 0 and so on. In basic, you should always use the two-step verification that most email service has. It usually will keep the safety verification personal like phone number question or any trivial question. Choose the trivia question that is so close to your daily life that you will not forget.

The next thing to do is to not click on suspicious link. Hackers are getting smarter; they used to lure the internet user with lottery, free gift link or discount items sales link. Now they are getting further by tracking your browser record and find what link that you might interest in and end up clicking it. It can be news link, celebrity news link to job vacancy link. While the downside of the internet is also growing with the advanced technology, we should be more careful and wise in using the internet and keeping our safety virtually.

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