HBS Executive Education for Established Executives

There are many business schools all around the world that solemnly focus on teaching their student all about business world and prepare them how to merge into this world and become a great businessman and businesswomen. Among so many business school all around the world, Harvard Business School or HBS is one of them.

There are several education programs that the student can enjoy in this school start from two years of MBA program, Doctoral Program and also the hbs executive education for established executives that was highly recommended by the company or by the organization where the executive belongs.

The HBS Executive Program and Who Can Join Them

The hbs executive education program was meant for executive people only and every year there are six programs that was being offered to executive from all around the world to come and join.

  1. Governing for Nonprofit Excellence for the board member that has important role in their nonprofit organization. This is a three days program that will explore all crucial business issue that a leader must face from time to time.
  2. Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organization. It is also a three days program that was aimed to increase the leader ability to use any kind of their source and personal trait for the name of organizations.
  3. Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management. This is a six days program that try to help the participant into the best way to lead their organization specifically by take the participants to see an issue from different point of view.
  4. Building Business in Emerging Market. This program is aimed the executive ability to developed their marketing strategies and how to do them to bring maximum result.
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility. This program designed to teach the executive how to integrate the CSR into their business.
  6. The Public Education Leadership Programs. This is five days programs specifically for those who involved in the school systems.

High Expectancy from the Participants

Seeing the name of Harvard Business School, it was no wonder that many people have high expectation for the education program. Just like the name stated, hbs executive education is not for everyone. Only those who have major role in the company can join this special education program because those who join in the program are those who expected to help their companies and organization facing a great deal of business issue in the future.

Global curriculum is one of the aspects that people can find in the hbs executive education program. This is come for its own reason, especially seeing that national boundaries are no longer or at least has little effect in business world.

The same reason also the one that make Harvard Business School make this program not only in their building school but it also takes places in other countries as well such as Brazil, California, India, Spain, China, England and France. It simply give people from all around the world the opportunity to become greater leader without have to go to London and simply join the program that was held on their country or their neighbor country.

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