Instant Branding with Forum

From the title, it is clear that we will talk about instant personal branding by means of media forum. Why we use forum? Why we do not use others such as blog, social media, mini-site, or micro-blogging? You will find the answer below.

If you see it carefully, you will see the advantage of media forum usage for personal branding is that the media purely focus on community. It will take a very long time to explain why it become very important but many company as well as individual proved that to be success, you need to give something to your community (customers or potential customers).

One more thing, a forum is already has its own community so it different with other media. You should not work hard to build the community from beginning. Therefore, using a forum could be a shortcut to the personal branding process you do.

Although personal branding through forum is relatively easier, the downside is that you must do a little extra work in your product branding process. You will find it different with other media in which personal branding and product branding could run simultaneously. However, you should not worry since if the personal branding already run, at least 75% of product branding would be improved.

The other thing you should not forget is most individuals have a fanatic characteristic inside. The success of branding process of your personal will have a domino effect to the product you have, as long as the product you offer is not something low quality.

Several effective ways to build your personal branding through forum are:

1. Be familiar with the target of the forum and be sure the community in the forum could meet your marketing target.

2. Find discussions in the topic related to your product and be acquaintance inside the discussions. The most important is not about whether you being active or not but how you make the community believe your interest (and knowledge) in the topic and field of discussion. AVOID PRODUCT PROMOTION UNLESS SOMEONE ASKS YOU.

3. Write an article or open a discussion with topic related to your product. Again, it not about frequency but quality of the article as well as discussion you built. AVOID PRODUCT PROMOTION UNLESS SOMEONE ASKS YOU.

4. You need to spend a time to socialize with the members of community. Most forums have a folder or area to talk about something general, including how to be acquaintance with other forum’s members, sharing entertaining information, etc. Use the area for socialization only. I believe you already understand so I should not repeat those capitalized words above.

About how long the time needed for branding through forum is depending on your ability to create quality discussion whether you enter an existing discussion or you build it from the beginning. Practice always makes perfect so you should not worry is you feel you not so good. The important thing is to keep train yourself and keep on your spirit.

As the closing, “product” as the object above could be replaced by “field” or “topic” that you want to make it as the focus of your personal branding. If you want people to believe that you are an expert in SEO, you must enter discussions related to SEO often. Of course, the forum should be something related to the SEO, not a forum of ornamental fishes.

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