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One of my favorite games was chess. Now? Well, still the same, but I rarely play it. Funny, it is not so very challenging to play chess against computer. One of the reasons why I love to play such a game that was firstly invented in 6th century in India is my admiration over sixth chess, each of which has its own characteristics – pawn, castle, horse, ministers, prime ministers and kings. They all are trying to protect the king according to their respective capabilities.

The internet business is not so different with chess. Each of us, who takes our own place in the internet business, has our own characteristic. Despite we have different purpose each, but actually all of us are bound into a unity.

Well, judging from my perspective, here are roles that we can play from “reality show” of internet business that we are living with.

1. Publisher

In general, this refers to owner of website or blog who treat their “properties” as a source to generate profit from the internet business. The majority of their income dependent on service provider, although there are some who already got direct channel with advertiser. They also become the main market of digital product creator.

2. Digital Product Creator

It is the one who make digital product, like e-book or video tutorial, and also known as the owner of online store who produces their own products or get supply from others who are not involved in the circle of internet business environment.

They has symbolical mutualism with internet marketer (a kind of relation between agent and distributor) and often take some advantage from service provider. Although it doesn’t listed in relation section, this player sometimes use product from other digital providers.

3. Service Provider

It is covering service provider in the internet business, starting from site builder service, design service, to service that is existed for creating bridge between publisher and advertiser, internet marketer, and digital product creator. PPC and paid review service, for example, are counted as players.

4. Internet Marketer

Have a role as seller or sales in the internet business. They don’t have their own product and often don’t have site or blog. They offer products from Digital Product Creator and Advertiser using Service Provider.

5. Advertiser

They are the owners of product or service which, although not directly related, takes participation in utilizing the internet to promote or market their products or services through the service provider or directly contacting the publisher and internet marketer.

We’ll talk later about which player who is actually gained much more profits from the internet business. We encourage anybody who likes to spread the idea here. However, let’s not forget, despite there is one who takes much more profits than the others, the whole player are an inseparable unity. It means there is no useless guy in the business. That’s including you.

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