6 Reasons Why Internet Businessmen Fail

There are many newbies who fail to get success in internet business than those who get success in the same field. And such fact is not a taboo that shouldn’t be discussed. If we count if using pareto principal, then we knew that only 20% of internet business enthusiast who successfully passed the beginning phase.

From the number, only about 20% passed the criteria of successful internet businessmen. It means, of people who are interested in the internet business, only 4% actually succeed. The funny thing is, it is not a quite news. Everything we read is just classic problem. But sure we see this as one problem which is continuously becoming problem.

What’s the point of problem if we’re not agree that this is truly a problem? Well, here are 6 reasons why internet businessmen fail:

1. Premature conviction: internet business is instant way to get rich.

This is the most common reason and one of the majority reason which explained failure. This is because the nature of human, who want to get much more money without doing much effort. Note that internet business is business, and like any other business, it needed time until success approaching.

Thus, don’t admire those who says that money can be obtained from the internet with ease. Although they can do it NOW, they could take time and doing hard effort BEFORE.

2. Think too much.

Have you ever heard NATO, No Action Think Only? Well, this abbreviation is suited those who spend most of their time for thinking and asking, without doing real effort. Here are some of general question often asked by them: “is it true that internet can make people rich?” “Where to start with internet business?” “Will success following me after I start right now?” And so much other question.

3. Don’t want to spend capital.

A business needs capital, as well as internet business. Without capital, there will be no improvement.

4. Don’t want to study and look for information from different source.

The majority of newbies are taking the ads too serious. They believe that internet can make them rich instantly. Without looking for advanced information, they buy the product and ended up in disappointment. The worst, they might think that internet business is fraud.

That is why we must be careful in sorting out the digital products we want to buy and need to have an open mind so that we can receive information and learn from various sources. If possible, find a teacher who can help you so you are not to get caught by death traps like that.

5. Doesn’t take internet business seriously.

Weird, after all. We clearly see that it is internet business, but there are many people who still think that this is not a business. The theory is simple enough, if you think the business is a kind of jokes, then the outcome will be far from profitable.

On the contrary, if you take it seriously, then the result would be that huge profit. Establish your own vision, mission, and goals is one way to help keep our minds focused and remain serious in our internet business field.

6. Do not want to innovate.

Mimicking is one short-cut to achieve success. But imitate ideas and employ them is a folly. In the past, when the other people knew that a gadget’s website produced a lot of Google AdSense, they droves to make similar sites.

Not only is the topic, but templates and domain names were equated. The result? Almost all failed. One thing which is not realized by them would be a fact: that the site succession is not depends on topic selection, templates, and domain name only.

Hopefully none of the six reasons above are a hindrance to you.

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