How to Prepare Kids for the First School

Kindergarten doesn’t have school readiness mature as elementary school age children. To that end, while parents will include toddler in school activities, they should choose a school with age-appropriate programs and child development.

Today, many types of schools can be chosen by parents. For example, schools that uses local or international language, schools that are not too big to play with very wide yard or alternatively, schools that cost moderately costly to all.

Each school provides programs have advantages and disadvantages of each. Parental choice depends on your taste. However, you should watch out, fit or not with child. Do not be, parents are expensive but the child does not want to pay for the school because they do not enjoy.

It’s good, before involving the child in school activities; parents do some of the following:

1. Make sure that the child is mentally ready to part with their parents.

This is so that the child does not feel the school as something unpleasant. Begin to introduce the children what the school in a way that is interesting and fun. For example, by bringing the child to the school that he would later follow. Tell me that he was going to school there. And he will be playing happily with friends, as seen in the school yard.

2. Familiarize children wake up in the morning a few days before the arrival day of school.

Get her to take a bath in the morning and have breakfast. In this way, the child will gradually get used to the preparatory activities for school. Parents can also make children happy school purposes by preparing various schools of interest. For example, school bags, lunch containers of food, drinking water, as well as shoes and school clothes. No need for expensive, as long as the shape and color according to the taste of children.

3. Prepare also an interesting variety of food supplies.

When the first day of school, there’s nothing wrong parents accompany and escort their children to school. Encourage children to get to know the teachers in the school, new friends to school officials. After a few days passed, the child will begin to get used to the new school environment, and need not be accompanied again.

4. Do not get rush in the morning.

Get up early in order not to have to rush to any activity, especially in the first day of school. You certainly do not want to make your baby is not traumatized by the first day? Do the usual activities that he feels comfortable.

5. Bring favorite items.

If the school allows carrying her beloved, let him bring it. This will make him feel calm so that the school does not seem too daunting. If the school banned the carrying of these items, help your child feel safe to stay at her new school.

6. Try to always smiling to them is also a good tip.

Not just the little one feel anxious but it turns out you are too worried about the baby. Anxiety is a natural thing, but do not let your child noticed. When you look optimistic he will feel confident to set foot in his new school.

7. A fond farewell.

When hours of study will begin to say goodbye to him, try to keep your shedding no tears or do not show a sad face and anxious not to upset him. Tell him when you will come to pick her up so that she was sure that you would come.

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