5 Levels of Internet Businessmen

So far we’ve already spoke of the problem of mindset. This wee I’m going to focus on the concept. Why the matter? Because both the concept and the mindset are important and connect each other. Therefore, internet businessmen need a balanced understanding on both of the subjects, particularly for newbies like us.

We should begin with appetizer, with which I will tell you a kind of fairy tale about the entire level of internet businessmen. Sure this is my own version, and don’t bother yourself by sending me your complaint.

1. Level 1 (Enthusiast)

This level is occupied by those who are newbies and only tend to show their interest to the business. They just trying the business and it is not matter whether they get success or not. Their source of information is books about internet business, including magazines and tabloids.

General characteristic of enthusiast:

– Looking for minimum information/theory and rarely practicing.

– Never get income from internet or haven’t yet trusted that the internet can produce money.

– Amount of working time and income are relative.

– No risks and stress either.

2. Level 2 (Newbies)

This level is occupied by enthusiast who became interested to involve himself to the circle of internet business. He begin searching for information from different places on the internet, including blog, forum and digital products. In addition, he also start allocating money and time in order to learn more about the subject.

General characteristics of newbies:

– Search for as many information as possible.

– Can do a lot of practice, and on the contrary, can do less practice. The frequency is relative, but not focused.

– Start getting income, although the number haven’t worth the expense yet.

– Amount of working time is relative, depends on the amount of leisure time he has.

– One man play.

– Level of stress and risks are high.

3. Level 3 (Actors/Workers)

This is level where internet businessmen became the majority of occupant. Those who are on this level have been producing real income from the internet business and most of them have considered the business as primary source for income. Most of businessmen regard this level as safe zone of internet business.

General characteristic of Actors/Workers:

– Reduced information search, usually confined to update existing information only.

– Having scheduled work time and relatively above average (about 4-8 hours a day or 30 hours a week).

– Income is greater than expenses and is usually proportional to the allocation of working time.

– One-man play.

– Moderate stress levels.

– The level of risk is low.

4. Level 4 (Manager/Supervisor)

This level occupied by internet businessmen who have been passed from the safe zone and successfully found an exact working system for their business. However, because of some reasons, they still manage to interfere with the supervision and implementation system. Fifty-fifty, if you like to see a rough calculation.

General characteristic of manager/supervisor:

– Looking for new business opportunity extensively.

– Scheduled working time and relatively below average (about 2 – 4 hours a day or 15 hours a week).

– Focus on the establishment of system, team, and supervision of system, but still involved in the system itself.

– Outsource, team work, mastermind.

– Bigger income compared to expenses.

– Low stress level.

– Moderate risk level.

5. Level Five (Owner/Investor)

This is the highest level, at a time, ideal level for those who engage themselves in internet business. Those who are in this level have been mastered everything about the internet business, from the theory up to its system. Thus, the owner transfer any kind of menial tasks to others that can be trusted.

General Characteristic of the Owner of internet business:

– Looking for new business opportunity extensively.

– Working time is accordingly and far below the average (about 4-8 hours a week).

– Focus on the establishment of system, team, and supervision of system. Wouldn’t interfere with the system unless needed.

– Income depends on the risk level of the current business.

– Stress level is very low.

– The risk is relative.

So, where you at?

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