Multiple Streams of Income – Part 1

Some people say “do not put all eggs in one basket”. The reason is very clear, when the basket falls, all eggs that we have won’t break. In its development, this saying is often associated with business, with more variation meaning. Like, (1) do not depend only on one source income, or (2) do not keep or invest our fund in one same place. So, what about internet business? Is that saying applicable?

The answer is YES. As we all now, internet business can be divided into several job fields. And the unique part of this field is each work area can have more source of income. This is the reason, why I said that internet business will never died and keeps growing.

Since there is “multiple income sources” and “multiple jobs”, the saying about eggs and basket can have double meaning here. Which is: (1) Do not depends on one income source from the internet business area that we run; (2) Do not depends on one area in internet business.

For more details, an internet business area can be described as a house, and the source of income can be described as a door to enter that house. Generally, a house only has one entrance, isn’t it? This is a common house. With that one entrance, we just say that the amount of people that can enter into the house in 1 day is only 10 people.

Now, can you imagine if we multiply the entrance? If we do that, the amount of people that can enter the house would be 10 people x the total of entrance. After that house have enough entrance, know imagine what would happen if the number of house is multiplied and each of those house have same amount of entrance. How many people can enter those whole houses? Yes, that’s right, 10 people x the entrance x the number of house.

The last condition is the ideal condition and it is perfectly fit to be achieved by every people that run internet business. Of course, the implementation of this connect is not as easy when we say it. There are many factors that need to be considered. For example, we need to look at the quality of the entrance and also the quality of each house. Do not let the old house broken down, when we are building our new house.

Clearly, the process itself is best done gradually. Starting from single source of income to multiple source of income, and then finally achieve the multiple streams of income. It is totally same with work hard first than work smart. It is also similar with saying about human. You need to crawl first, then stand up, walking, running and then got tired and run out your energy.

To Be Continued.

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