Multiple Streams of Income – Part 2

Maybe one of the best decisions to ever be made by an internet businessman is when purposely “leaving” the business of blog monetizing that has been done for a long time. Pay attention to the quotation marks in the word, leaving. Leaving here means a businessman is not leaving the business literally but he will virtually designate (smart working) for about 95% of the routine tasks in the blog.

Aside of that, on the contrary with what a lot of people think, the websites those he has monetized actually are not plenty because he has the principle of quality over quantity. Moreover, most of the websites have been able to run and improve by itself at that time or in other words self-growth (smart system), and so the websites don’t need a helping hand again.

Back to the topic of taking decision, by considering the improvement of the internet business in the future, there will be the new stream that will be dived in, the business of digital products. Why does he say that this is the right choice?

It is because he has only one stream of income, therefore he has to divide the income into savings, investment as well as the routine things to spend that income with. Now, because there are two streams of income, he can divert ALL of income from the monetized blog to the savings and use the income from the digital products business for the investment purposes, the posts fulfillment, the monthly needs as well as things those are related to just having fun.

He has already prepared the new income stream as one of the affirmations. It will be better if the result will be as expected so the income will be able to be fully used to fulfill the various things needed, maybe changing cellphones every once in a week.

The point is, if you are already has a steady business with one stream of income, try to improve your skill and portfolio. Do not underestimate and look down on yourself by only depending on just one stream of income. The ability of minds that have been given by God to you is far greater that you have ever imagined.

To be continued…

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