Get OIO Publisher for Selling Private Ads

OIO Publisher is the defacto standard ad management system for selling private ads on professional blogs. I recently purchased my OIO Publisher copy for $47 and once I incorporated their powerful plugin into this blog and started seeing results, I was really wondering why it took me so long to buy this piece of wonderful software.

OIO Publisher for Selling Private Ads

When you want to enter the private ad sales arena, you need to take care of the following scenarios.

  1. Pricing your ad slots
  2. Designing and setting up ad slots (banners, text link ads etc)
  3. Sales and approval of ads and payment processing and related workflow
  4. Ad rotation
  5. Tracking the ad performance and reporting the same to the advertisers
  6. Automatically alerting advertisers of their campaign expiry
  7. Managing paid review sales
  8. Sale & distribution of custom products such as your own software, eBook etc
  9. Collecting feedbacks from advertisers

What OIO Publisher does is to automate all the above steps and a lot more via an easy installation of their cool WordPress plugin (it works on a few other major platforms as well). The basic setup such as your contact details, ad pricing and ad slot configurations does not take more than a few minutes and you are all set to go online on the day of purchase itself.

In addition to the ad management platform, when you purchase this software, they provide you the opportunity to list your blog and its ad services at the OIO Publisher Marketplace where you can easily find your advertisers.

In short, the money you spend on the software will be bringing in multi-fold returns in a few days’ time. And to make this software purchase even more wonderful, once you purchase your copy of OIO Publisher, the license and upgrades are free for life. No more future payments for upgrades, that is!

Get your OIO Publisher for Sellig Ads Slot.

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