Online Business Prospect in the Future?

This question is considered as frequently ask by newbie online business doers. So, how about the prospect of online business in the future? Is it still giving you the financial prospect?

Before answering this question, let’s learn about one of the characteristics of online business especially if it is compared to conventional one. What you need to know that online business is full of uncertainty and even it has high level of uncertainty. This is concerning to the fact that there are several factors which can’t be controlled.

– The simple example is about the traffic for your blog. It seems that you have been used all kinds of SEO techniques but in the end you still can’t put the position of your blog in the first position or even in the first page in the search engine.

– If you get the SEO and there is an improvement on the traffic, too bad you have to face down server problem.

– If the server is up and there are several visitors who ask about your product, suddenly you have to face the truth that the database is gone because of hacker.

– Some people were used PPC for their regular income, sadly the website disappear and you can’t make a contact with the owner of the website.

I believe if you have been run online business for a few years you will face one of problems above. You have to remember that it is an online world and everything can be changed faster even if you don’t realize about it.

Just take 2002 as the example where PTC and HYIP become the online business trend. Then, there was also a business which related to e-gold in which you were acted as the online game owner. The next half year, those three online businesses were disappeared.

Lately, PTC is back with its new and different concept. Then, there is also a new online business known as paid to surf, banner exchange, paid traffic exchange, and PPC. For your information, from those 4 online businesses, PPC is significantly increased and survived until now.

So, can you conclude that online business doesn’t have any prospect in the future? Of course, it is not. Let’s just see from the fun part. One of the characteristics of online business is unlimited. It means, there will be a lot of prospects from online business.

What you have to do is sensitive and with deeper sensitivity there is a possibility that you will have unlimited income only from online business. In the end, the uncertainty factor explained above can be solved.

The classical key is that don’t put eggs in one basket and try to create income as many as you can. The common mistake is that the online business doers tend to be complacent with their condition. If your income from one type of online business is great, you don’t anticipate if something bad happen. As the result, you will be stress and even committed suicide.

Moreover, we also need to be sensitive to predict the type of online business which can be done long lasting. There are two tips which you can apply to run an online business.

1. If your focus is on third parties online business (advertiser, publisher, and broker), just find an online business which gives balance benefits for advertise, broker, and you as the publisher. For example, you can take affiliate business and PPA/PPL (Pay Per Action/Pay Per Lead).

2. If you don’t want to be controlled by any other party, you can just try to open an online shop and sell digital products. The advantages and the disadvantages of your business are totally in your hand.

In conclusion, the answer of the question above is YES, online business is still has its prospect in the future and even higher than before.

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