Online Store Business

You have to an online store to start and promote new business. Why online shop? There are plenty of reasons to run online store.

1. Unlimited market

Unlimited market is defined as you can target the whole world. It cannot do this easily in offline or conventional store, because you have to open your store over the world. However, if you have online store, you will have the opportunity from all over the world. It means that people in the world will be able to see your shop. According to this condition, we can conclude that buyers could come from all over the world.

2. Open 24 hours

Would you have a store that could open 24 hours? Yes, but there are some questions. How about your employees? Is the market also open 24 hours? How about electricity? There is certainly a lot of your thinking. If you have an online store, you do not need to worry. You simply pay cheap price to have a store that open 24 hours.

3. Cheap store

Have you ever thought to have a shop at home but could be seen by people who are in shopping malls? To apply it in the offline or conventional store, I think it would be very difficult.

In other words, you must live in a mall or shopping center, isn’t it? It does not need to do if you have an online store. You can have a store with stock/goods at home and promote your store in the internet like in the shopping center.

4. One employee for 1000 products

Would you have only one employee for many products? Is it possible if we use a conventional business concept? It is possible, but it is so difficult. Online store is your solution.

It can have 100,000 products or items with only one employee, because everything is automated. Your online shop is able to serve your customers by itself. Your employees only need to confirm their payment and shipping goods. Is it easy right?

So, what are you waiting for?

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