What is Personal Development?

One of the most noble goals we can have in life is to make the world a better place. This is a target that requires people to improve themselves up to a point where they can fully live up to their potential. In a nutshell, this is what personal development is all about.

Personal development has nothing to do with solving physical or mental problems that may affect out progress. This is more of self-help rather than growth. It is a process of increase in which we gradually shape ourselves to fully utilize our potential.

In any environment, having the desire to make the most of our talents constitutes personal development at its best. This is based on our purpose in life, what motivates our goals and actions. Many may not know this basic truth but everyone has a purpose that shapes their mindset, decisions and consequent actions.

A philosophy of life permeates everything we do or say. From the smallest decisions we make at home to the most visible preferences we express in public. The manner in which we treat other people or even run our households, all comes from our views on life, or to put it differently, our philosophy of life.

Our views come from our parents’ influence; our friends; what we learned while growing up and our family history. But despite all these influences, the ultimate decisions and actions are entirely our own. None of these influences force or prevent us from taking or avoiding a specific course of action. These influences only inform (or advise) our thinking as we journey through life.

It is therefore important to realize that this growth does not happen overnight and is not necessarily easy. It is a lifelong journey because as we grow and change, so do our desires in life. This causes subtle shifts in our mindset that may affect our focus on goals.

Personal evolution takes place over an entire existence and this is what gives life meaning. The experience of always looking forward to something new while retaining a focus on a goal set in the past creates the adventure of life. When we finally reach our goal, the journey is just as fulfilling as the actual achievement.

There are many facets to personal development because people set different goals in many different areas of their lives. To put it simply, any time you set out to improve yourself, you need to lay down a goal that will secure the results you seek. It is therefore advisable to avoid short-cuts.

Seeking the easy way out may seem like a good idea when motivation is waning, but short-cuts usually lead to disappointment in self and the goal. The best results often proceed from well thought-out decisions that are not subject to our moods.

Your personal development goals come from who you are and the talents you have. Who you are gives you the motivation to go after your goals while your talents facilitate the journey as you travel there.

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