The Power of Dream

Beforehand, I want to ask a little about you, can I? Can you tell me about something you do or your aspiration a year ago that become true today? Do you have it? If yes, I need to congrats you since you already carried out what we called “the power of dream.”

Dream which come true is not merely a dream but it must come together with effort and endeavor. If today you already have house or car, maybe it has been cross on your mind before. Maybe you have thought, “This year I certainly be able to buy new house” or “this year I must able to buy new car.”

With thought and statement like that, indirectly you already activate a law of attraction (LOA). Everything you think about continuously and certainly, someday would happen. The law of energy states, anything in the form of energy would be emitted, and then it would be back to the same energy eventhough in different form. If you think positively, everything would be back in positive way inside you, as well as the opposite.

Remember!! When you make positive statement or dream, commonly the nature will instantly respond, in something like:

– Suddenly, the old friend of you calls to offer you a business,

– Suddenly, you lost in a place where so many business opportunities are there,

– Suddenly, you read magazine/newspaper in which business opportunities are there,

– Suddenly, you get a business offer,

As well as, any sudden things, that would be different for different people. The result commonly depends on the action, which you take when you find the opportunity, it commonly:

– Someone decline,

– Someone unsure,

– Someone afraid of risk,

– Someone feel indifference,

– Some who feel enthusiastic, etc.

All of that will influence the result: REMEMBER! You yourself are the one who take responsibility of your success and failure. Knowledge, opportunity, experience, and friends are only intermediaries, you are the one who decide where failure or success.

– Employee without improvement will always become an employee forever.

– Businessperson without improvement will be easily kicked off by other competitors.

Internet marketing without improvement will always become a follower.

The points are:

  1. Do transformation if you want to be success,
  2. Bravely take a risk if you want to be success,
  3. Take opportunity if it makes sense and you optimistic,
  4. Stay positive thinking….positive and positive, remember the law of energy.

Best Wishes for Your Success

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