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Purses and women are like a package. Whenever women go anywhere, most likely they will bring their purses. But somehow, some purses are very highly priced for purses also hold a status social towards the person who uses them. On the other hand though, making our own purses is a good way not only to suppress the cost of buying those beautiful purses but also to create the purse that is so us.

The thing when we make our own purses is the supply, right? Well, if you really want to make your own purses, you don’t need to worry whether the purses making supply is available or not for nowadays it is easy to find the purse making supplies, from the handles until the frame.

Purses making supply that you definitely need is most likely the frame, especially for you who have never make your own purse before. Take an example, this Purse frame – Clamshell/Minaudiere purse kit from Tall Poppy Craft.

By the help of this clamshell purse kit, you it’ll be easy for you to make your own purse and with the low budget for it only cost less than $13. This purse making supplies consists of a high quality shiny metal frame [7″ (18cm) x 3½” (9cm) x 2½” (6.3cm) deep] and two hard plastic cases or shells that fit snugly inside the frame.

On the top, the clasp has a shiny round faux diamond in the centre that surely adds a gorgeous touch towards your hand made purse. Plus, there are two rings in the inside to attach your own handle.

Somehow, if you want to make other purses and you need some handles, there are several example of them, dark brown with rectangular hardware vinyl handles and also green horse shoe acrylic handles.

Best Sellers Purse Making Supplies

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