Four Indicators of the Qualified Education

Education is the most reliable tool, because there are systematic transformation processes of information and knowledge. Education is expected to develop people who would bring this nation for the better condition. With education, people will be advanced and public awareness increase, so that eventually it gradually transforms this nation to be independent and have self-esteem level with other nations in the world.

Building a human being is the best goal in education obligations. It means that optimizing all potential side of human being (physical, hearts and mind). In other words, it combines elements of faith to science and technology.

Implementation of the quality education is based on four indicators.

1. The quality of products/graduates

The quality of products/graduates of education can be judged on the terms of the national final exam. However, the value is not only the measurement, but it also must be supported with other measurement, for example, graduates should have the capacity and skills for life (life-skills), which can be used to their life in the community. In addition, graduates must also have humanitarian values, which sensitive to existing social problems.

2. The quality of the learning process

The quality of learning process relies on the professionalism of teachers. Teachers in learning not only teach science but they also educate, guide and drive the student to be a person whom is not just clever and skilled, but they have integrity.

3. The quality of school services

School services quality is not only service to students but also to parents, school guests and others. The quality of school services is determined by the capability of schools to be able to establish relationships and provide excellent service to school stakeholders.

4. The quality of school environmental

The qualified school environment is indicated by the school clean, beautiful, and peaceful. This environment will create comfortable process of learning in the school.

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