4 Reasons Why Needs to Have Blog

Before we go further, I need to make it clear that what I mean with blog is personal blog of the businessmen her or his own. The blog we will discuss is not monetized blog or anything made in order to make money. The examples are blog owned by John Chow, Yaro Starak, and Daren Rowse.

Today, we rarely find people who seriously run an internet business while keep managing and improving their own personal blog frequently. Especially when her or his internet business already grow big and successful to make so much profit, many of them commonly forget that he or she still have a personal blog to take care.

There is another story of the opposite that someone launches a product of the business and then creates a blog but only for temporary, he or she will care the blog. After that, the blog will only used for promotion of the product or referral.

Actually, every internet businessmen needs to have blog, which well maintained of course. There are 4 reasons why every internet businessmen needs to have blog that are:

1. Branding

Using a blog, you can make people know and aware of your existence in internet business. With blog, you can make they know your name, your slogan, your logo, or even aware to your blog name or your domain name. We could not deny that many blog names or domain names are able to be a brand of the business that could elevate the popularity of the owner.

2. Trust

Using a blog, you can increase people confidence and trust to yourself (and of course, you can increase people confidence and trust to your product). In your blog, they will able to know and understand your opinions, your activities, and the most important thing off all is that they get the parameter so they able to value you. They will able to know whether you could fit them well or not.

3. Relationship

Using a blog, you can make and maintain a good relationship between you and your visitor. You need to aware that the one who visit your blog could be a customer or soon become your customer. Thereby, there would be closeness between you and your visitor. Although it is not certain that they will buy your product, there is possibility that they will recommend your product to anyone else.

4. Additional Income

For this benefit, I thing you can see it clearly why every internet businessmen needs a personal blog. Although additional income is not the main reason why we need to have a blog, there is nothing wrong to use a personal blog that we have to create or make additional income to increase our quality of life.

Now, you know why personal blog is very important for a businessmen that runs an internet business. In order to get the benefits of personal blog for internet business, you need to create and maintain your personal blog with care. Do you have your own personal blog?

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