Tips for Saving Home Electrical Energy

Modern life allows humans live in a comfortable and very practical. This is all made possible by the presence of electrical energy. With various types of electrical equipment, electrical energy can be converted into rotary energy, heat, light, and audio-video signals, as needed. The process of changing electrical energy until ready for use in homes or offices requires a fee. The costs should be provided depending on the amount of electric power used, or often referred to by the number of kWh used.

Hearing is not the same as seeing and seeing is not the same as doing. Doctrine not as wonderful as it would be pointless if it is not done. Spare your electricity, start by using it sparingly by running the following tips. Choosing the right home appliances and as needed. Shape the behavior of members of the household electricity saving, such as: Turn on power tools only when required, use power tools interchangeably, use electricity to supplement household income (productive).

Household electrical appliances in general are designed for efficient use of electricity, but in practice still found in the waste of electrical energy. This can occur because of the use of the equipment in a way that is not quite right.

You can save more energy from the lighting by; put out the lights when the room is not used, put out the lights during the day, reduce excessive electric lighting, adjust the furniture so as not to block the light in the room, turning on the lights garden when the day actually been getting dark, turn off the lights yard/garden when it was already getting light again.

You can save more energy from the AC by; choosing energy efficient air conditioning and power corresponding to the size of the room, use the proper ac capacity and efficient, use the self-timer (timer) so that ac operates only when needed, temperature control with thermostat, use a cover on the room exposed to direct sunlight, keep doors, windows and air vents closed so that moisture is always quite low, avoid placing anything that blocks air circulation, clean the air filter, and condenser coil fins conditioned regularly, set the room temperature to taste, do not set the air conditioning too cold.

You can save more energy from the washing machine by; using a washing machine according to the capacity, excess capacity led to a slowdown in the velocity of the machine and increases the burden of electricity consumption, insufficient capacity causing inefficient, because the machine uses the same energy, use the dryer only on cloudy/rainy weather. When weather is nice, you should take advantage of sunlight.

Other energy saving. You can save more energy by; reduce the use of electricity at peak periods at 18:00 to 22:00, use energy efficient appliance, turn off magic-com jar or if the rice is left to warm up a bit as electric rice becomes useless, turning off televisions, radios, tape recorders, and other audio-visual equipment, if not watched or listened to, unplug this equipment when electrical equipment is not in use, when electrical equipment using the remote system is not in use, do not turn off with the remote control (stand-by) with turn off of the on-off or disconnect plug, turn on the water heater 20 minutes before the hot water used, periodically clean the glass window.

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