How to Create a School as a Second Home

The government is continuously improving the quality of education, especially primary and secondary education. It is done by school, teachers, school committees, as well as people who care about education. Parents as users of school, of course, will use the benchmark of quality as one of the criteria before they decided to choose a particular school for their children.

In fact, parents are more critical and selective in choosing schools for their children. Most of parents want the school that not only develops the knowledge or academic, but also giving more space on the development of personality and creativity of children. Besides, other considerations such as the school learning process, evaluation system, the competence of teachers, and the completeness of infrastructure and facilities to support the learning process.

Prudential of parents in choosing schools is very reasonable. Educating children like pulling an arrow. We of course do not want the arrow stuck in the uncertainty direction. Kahlil Gibran said, “You are the bows from which arrows of your children life sped into the future”.

We all agree that education reform should be continued to run. Let us together make a new paradigm in education. Any action that we do for education development and the future of our children won’t be wasted.

Learning activities should not focus on academic ability. It is time for creative development of children in schools. Similarly, a learning system that has been more emphasis on memorization, it should be amended with emphasis on the analysis and development of skills and creativity of students.

Children will more easily digest the lesson through practice, or by visiting the places around the school in accordance with topics of learning, than try to memorize the lesson. For illustration, for the topic of buying and selling, children can be invited to visit traditional markets, supermarkets, flower market, animal markets, or to the company of one of the parents. The experts stated that education is for life rather than to subjects.

Teachers should educate students with heart approach and create joyful learning environment. Joyful learning system can be an alternative to address the heavy curriculum. In addition, it should consider level of development of learning and age of children. We do not rob the rights of our children. We should give opportunity for our children to pass their days in accordance with their age development.

Finally, when the joyful learning environment can be created by schools and teachers, and teachers can occupy the children hearts, there will be interwoven encounter the heart, not encounter economic relations, and not encounter rational and formal relations too. Children will respect their teachers as their parents, like their father and mother. Of course, this atmosphere will make children feel safe, happy and at home were at school. It is amazing when school could be a second home for children.

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