Strengthen Branding with Logo and Slogan

Let us continue our discussion about branding. As I explained before, blog is one of media that we can use it in creating branding to ourselves or personal branding. However, you should not take it wrong since branding itself is not limited to be bonded personally to someone who runs an internet business, but branding could also bond to the blog or the site he or she owns.

The best thing, if we are smart. We can use so many sites or blogs that we have to build a very different self-branding. Nevertheless, all of them will work together to support the main branding which already there inside us.

Two elements on the site or blog that we can use them to strengthen ‘branding’ are logo and slogan. I believe you already know the different. Clearly, the one is an image while the other is on the form of texts or sentence.

A good logo is one that if you see it even at a quick look, it could visualize the unique characteristic of the site or the blog. It would be so much better if it could give details of vision and mission of the site or the blog.

If the site or the blog itself is more like a personal thing, the logo visualizes personality of the owner of the site or the blog. It would be okay to have a logo that have a philosophic value, as long as the logo is making sense, of course.

For example is for a personal blog. You can use a logo in the form of a caricature with casual clothing, such as white t-shirt and knee length jeans. You will get two meanings from the logo that are:

– It shows that the blog, although it discusses about internet business, the contents are presented in casual way and very easy to understand even by a newbie.

– It shows that if you reach success in internet business, you can become like the owner of the blog by wearing a casual outfit anywhere he goes but the money keep on flowing.

If logo illustrates the characteristic or uniqueness of the content, slogan reveals the contents of the blog or the site in a short way. Slogan could be used to demonstrate the positive sides of the site or blog we own. Therefore, the choice of slogan should not be done carelessly since it could be a boomerang to us.

With slogan “Learn Internet Business for Beginner”, for example, the owner of the blog has responsibility to deliver contents, including the choice of topic of the material, in some way so the contents are acceptable by beginner for real. Of course, it would be great is some masters are humble enough to visit the blog.

On the other blog, there is slogan “daily gadgets news”. Meanwhile, it already months the blog never been updated. Clearly, this is an example that you should never follow.

So, how is it about your own blog or site? Do you have a logo or slogan that could support you?

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