This is Business

Who ever felt upset/angry/resentful/irritated (choose on that suits your actual feeling) with the owner of internet business service, or the owner of given digital product, or actually you feel angry with other business owners? Would you show me your hand and the anger afterwards? Don’t be shy, because I was the one who feel the same way you did.

I was irritated with the owner of provider who aren’t willing to take all responsibilities; I got furious with the owner of digital product who sells nothing; and I was angry with my colleague (who also internet businessman) who stole my ideas. These are complete list of my anger. But that’s the past.

After understanding the entire picture of internet business, I hereby claim that this is a real business. So then I begin accepting that as customer I have to act professionally, just like an individual who engage in the circle of business. Act like a professional while following the rule of business and understand that there will be a moment when some people will try to break the rule for their own sake.

Sometimes it is hard to accept that there is the owner of service who suddenly stop his service and give nothing back. Thus, it is also hard to accept that the owner of digital product who are willing to do dirty things in promoting their products and seduce us with it. Same thing goes for a reality at which there is a competitor who could stab us in the back for the sake of his own success.

But hey, this is business. It is not just merely about free trial or demo version. What we are going through is a path of real business, where friends could be the enemy and vice versa.

In essence, prepare yourself for the worst condition and don’t trust anybody, unless if you are ready to be betrayed. One thing for sure, don’t lose hope, because even though the business is cruel, there will always an opportunity to reach success. You take your own seat and controlling your steer, thus the succession is entirely in your hand. See you at the end of the road.

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