How to Treat Your Book like a Treasure

Books are timeless wealth to enrich our mind with new and fresh knowledge about anything we need to know. Most of avid collectors are willing to do anything to keep their book from damage. While some people treat their book more like a priceless stuff, some others leave their collections untouched.

No matter how they take care of their collections, books are worth it. Reading some books allows you to open the window of the world. A lot of information and knowledge are there. To keep the damage at bay, here are some ways to take care of your books.

Avoid writing is the very first thing you need to do if you want to keep it in a good condition. You may need to write some notes on the books, highlight or underline the words or mark the important sections.

However, if you plan to keep it as a collection, don’t give your book any handwriting. The ink permanently damages the book and it sometimes causes stain to the pages. If you really need to take notes, use a notebook to jot down the important points. Or else, take a piece of paper and slip it into the pages.

Many people usually enjoy their reading while snacking and drinking tea. Actually, avoid eating or drinking while reading books helps you keep them in a good condition. Food and liquid damage your book and may stain the pages. If you really need to read while eating, make sure your fingers are dry and clean when you hold and turn the pages.

Keep the book away from the food and drink to avoid splashes and food debris. Besides, you need to check the table before putting down the book. Make sure the moisture, stickiness and cleanliness won’t affect your book cover.

If you want to take care of your books, keep them in a proper place. A shelf is the best place to store your collections when you are not reading them. But, you need to ensure that the books are shelved properly.

The position may affect the condition of your books. The books should be shelved in upright, vertical position. Do not lay the books on their side or stack them. The shelf height should be sufficient to store the books in vertical position. In choosing the shelf, it is better to pick one that gives space above the books.

Keep bugs, pets and mice away from your books. Your collections can be destroyed and eaten by bugs and mice. The dogs can chew the books while the cats can scratch the bindings or covers. You need to take care of your books by storing them in safe place.

The condition and cleanliness of the area should also be monitored to ensure the condition of your collections. If possible, lock the library to close the access of your pets. To keep the mice at bay, keep the food away from the books. Well then, good luck with your book collections.

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