Visual Communications: The Good and the Bad

Remote communication started out with just codes on telegram, it became words and evolves into human sending out voices to their relatives. With improving technologies, we are now taking communications to the next level in which we cannot only see the face of people far away from us but also have the present in the room by video or pictures.

Taking pictures is like the secondary communication way we had now besides talking, that has been less used than text. It simply because we don’t want to lose the moment, that in our memory the moments can be blurry or somehow forgotten someday. But in pictures they are lively and immortal. It has been so important that people feel it important to have camera everywhere they go.

The Good Side that You Can’t Resist

Visual communications is started out from just pictures to videos. It sure has helped a lot of people over the last decade to communicate with the loved one who lives or work far away. Even if you’re lonely in the middle of your day, you’ll have them present on your gadgets. The best thing about having pictures and videos right on your hand is that you can record every moment that is happening to you.

Fathers who work in military service can still see their daughter grow and students who are studying abroad can still talk to their mothers. That’s just about how we grace this communication technology so much that we cannot afford living without it. You can capture any moment you meet on the street whether it is funny, scary or news worthy. The latest, it even helped Venezuela civilians to spread the word about what was happening in their country. The pictures made people aware and care.

What Can You Do about The Bad Side?

Okay, if you have been on the internet much you will see how people misused their phone camera and post it online. That is something which is not recommended. While your phone camera supposed to be your memory keeper, when you post it online it will be other’s memory, too. Imagine how you took a picture of your kids that did embarrassing thing and post it online because you think it’s funny – and then how a couple of years later your kids could find the picture and be ashamed of themselves.

There are a lot of other things to consider relating to this thing. See, it has not only been a memory thing. It’s personal and you should consider about what you are going putting online. How will it be seen in a couple of years and is it really public appropriate. It’s something that deals with privacy and self concern.

Visual communication is so strong because a picture do paints a thousand words but they don’t speak the same to each person. One picture can mean different things on each person. So starting now, use your phone camera wisely and think about what you’re going to upload carefully. You wouldn’t want to have regret about misusing the communication technology, we’re sure.

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