Wallet with Chain to Dominate The Fashion Again

Just like a tire, fashion is always rotating in circle. That is also happening towards the chained wallet that we feared would not come back after its extinction in 90s. Wallet with chain had been a cool fashion for guys back then.

They usually used it with baggy plaids, relaxed fit jeans and baseball caps. Now, the young teenager boys can also feeling the same trend of wallet with chain that has come back again.

An example of wallet with chain for men is the Gents Leather Wallet and Chain (086) (Black) from Supreme Leather. The Leather Security Wallet has 35 cm long security chain with quick release clip so that it will make you easier to take it off.

It also has press stud closure, double notes compartments, three card slots, and three pockets stamp/change tray with press stud closure. Its size is approximately 12cm x 10cm. The simple design will surely match with your elegant style. And the simple security chain will make you look more gorgeous.

The next example is the one that is suitable for kids. That is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animigos Chain Wallet. The wallet with chain is supposedly not only perfect for gentlemen, but for kids as well. At that is the example.

The picture of the teenage mutant ninja turtles gives a distinct feature for the leather wallet that will not make it too old for kids. Instead, the chain and the holder will make your kids cooler than ever.

Well, for teenage boys, this Insane Clown Posse Jokes on You Chain Wallet will be a good choice. The graffiti suits teenage boys the best for it gives the essence of freedom and self expression.

On the other hand, it has simple single notes compartment and several card slots, as well as a place to put on their girlfriends’ picture. The chain that has a holder will bring a definite cooler side of them.

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