How To Wear a Chain Wallet For Men

Talking about chain wallets for men, someone will think that they are so a little girly and looks complicated; however; in my opinion, those wallets are perfect accessories for men, which looks manly, strong and convenient; just like a motorcyclist, rock star, associate of a rock star or even a janitor.

Wearing a wallet chain is more than a simple and stylish way to keep track of your cash. It has additional benefits if you are concerned about being pick pocketed, or worried if your wallet will fly away during a skateboard flip or theme park ride.

To wear a chain wallet is exactly just put on the pants you want to attach the wallet to, and chain it up. Otherwise, here are some tips in how to wear a chain wallet.

  1. Attach the chain to the wallet. If your chain has a trigger-opening hook on the wallet end, pull the trigger back to open it, slid the curved part of the hook through the wallet’s chain hole, and release the trigger. If the chain has a key ring, attach the wallet just like you would add a new key to a regular key ring.
  2. Stick the wallet in your back pocket on the side you want to chain it to.
  3. Take the loose end of the chain and attach it to the front belt loop of your pants on that side.

Chain wearing tips:

  • Very long chains aren’t a good idea as the chain will swing a lot when you walk.
  • Thick type of link may be heavy enough to annoy you.
  • Avoid wearing a wallet chain if you will be going through metal detectors, like in airport.
  • You can wear a wallet chain without the wallet as a fashion statement; just hang the chain out of your pocket to show it off, or tucked into your pocket.

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