Common Things on Men those Women are Attracted

There are a couple of things of men that women are easily attracted to. These things are like the most common criteria of men to be socially accepted by women. It can also be said that these things are what women want from men especially the men that they are love to be with.

First is of course health.

It is very important for women that the men they are looking for are healthy. Healthy person makes a healthy living which is good. In this case if you are a man, try to show that you are a healthy man.

You can so it by telling them that you are eating healthy food, exercising regularly, doing some kinds of sport activities, and many more. Those things will clearly give the women an impression that you are a healthy guy with a healthy living.

Second is the social intuition or social skill.

Women so not like men who cannot get along well with many people especially people who are new to them. We know that women love to have many friends and love to spend a lot of time hanging out with them. This is the reason that they like men who are socially skilled.

Just in case the women ask the men to accompany them in the hangout with their friends, the men could really get along just fine. Since this is actually a skill, you could practice it out to make it much better.

Third is humor.

The funnier you are the more women will like you. Humor is often said to be able to break such social barriers. It really is the best way to get close to anyone new. Women will likely to be attracted if men are funny.

Just remember not to make funny of yourself. This will simply reveal the flaws that you might have. It will also make other men take advantages as well. So funny is good but so not make humor out of yourself.

Fourth is status.

It is a very undeniable factor to attract other people especially women. Higher the status the more attracted the women are. One example to do it is to go talk to the bartenders or the owner very often is you spend a lot of time in bar. It will help you out if you have a plan to get close to a woman on that bar.

Following the status, wealth is number five of the things on men that women are easily attracted.

The main reason is that women believe the richer the men the safer their life would be if they are together. Richer men could provide more things for the family.

Furthermore, majoring something that is known to lead to a wealthy life is also a valuable thing to women. Law and medicine are the examples of them. Although you are not currently rich, if you are a doctor on the way then women will mostly attracted to you as well as already rich or wealthy men.

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