Work or “Work”?

The line that make a big different between unemployment and successful internet businessmen is actually very thin. The reason is simple. A successful internet businessman usually has short working hours, because most of their routine job is done intelligently.

And because of this short working hours, many people think that they are unemployment, because, what they do every day is just wake up and sleep again. Moreover, coupled with their appearance that far from elegant and neat.

Speaking of working hours, it is quite difficult to decide how much time we have to spend to run our internet business. And, mostly it is because when we work or not working, we usually do the same thing, using computer. The time in which we are investing our knowledge was rather confusing, whether we put it into our working hours or not.

Let’s compare it with the job in real world that has fix working hours. Although there are certain moment when we have to study the materials that related to our main job (similar with the investing knowledge time in internet business), but because it was done during working hours, so, we can count it as our “job”.

Is that same thing can be assumed in internet business? We don’t know. Not to mention the case of socializing in social network or short message service. For certain internet business area, this thing maybe is not related or useful, but for other internet business area, stay connected and socialize with other people is a must and of course, we can put it into our “working hours”.

For successful internet businessmen, ignoring the knowledge investment and social networking investment part, we can find that their total working hours a day is only about 2 to 4 hours. The problem is if those two parameters are included. If we do that, the working hours that they have can increase to 6 hours per day. That is not definitely an ideal value.

Or maybe, is it because most of people that run internet business think and feel that the internet business is a fun job, so, our working hours actually is ZERO? Remember, if we do something that we love to do or it is fun to do, we can say that that is not a job.

We can consider it as a fun activity that we can do any time without any pressure and rule. And, we can’t deny, that was what most of successful internet businessmen feel in their deep heart. So, what do you think?

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