Xbox One Console, Worth Buying with Notes

It launched with some features which actually tempting for gamers. It is like a group of entertainments in a box and we can simply jump from one entertainment to another for example move from TV to movies then move to music then jump again to a game with good combination of ability, power and speed with the technology of operating system, vision, motion and voice.

Xbox One Console can be regarded can a box of entertainments that indulge the users. The offered features of this product are tempting. I tried buying one of them and here are the experiences I got after having this product.

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Some Tempted Feature of Xbox One Console

Beforehand, let me say that this console is good though you may find several minors. Xbox One Console has better dashboard than Xbox 360 and some other console because it can be said as multi-tasking in which you can run some applications at the same time without needing to end the running application.

For instance, if you are playing a game but suddenly you need to change the setting or maybe you want to rest of the game and want to move to watch movie, you don’t need to end or exit the game because you can always access other applications and dashboard anytime without interrupting what you are doing.

I impressed with the instant process. There will be no annoying lag and the startup process is quite. Xbox One Console offers an improvement for the speed. It does not offer too speedy or too fast process but I can say it is better and the speed is very acceptable which means this console can be improved again in the speed system.

The layout of the dashboard is simple and not complicated as Xbox 360. It depends on personal taste but I opt this because of the simplicity. The controller and graphics is also acceptable. The voice command feature is good and in my case, it is very useful.

What I think also better is about the noise of the machine which is quieter or simply says Xbox One Console has quiet machine. Besides, for a multi-tasking purpose in which some application can run at the same time, the cooling system keeps the machine from being overheated.

Overall Opinion about Xbox One Console

It is good but I cannot say that it is perfect because there are some notes that is not really big deal but maybe should be noticed. Some minor things I got, in my opinion is not really significant but maybe there will be some people who have similar opinion.

The design of this console is simply boring, a black box with quite big size. In my opinion, a console should have attractive design but it maybe just my opinion.

About downloading process, in some cases I found myself in slow downloading but it was not happened all time but sometimes and I should learn well about the Kinect feature before understanding about the function. However, it will be different experience from one person to another but what can I say about Xbox One Console, it is worth buying but take a look to some minors.

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